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Before The Dead

Just the other day, I was walking down the street. Blinding car lights everywhere, honking like no tomorrow. Hawkers yelling at the top of their voices, people shoving other people and other people shoving back, and great roadside brawls, everyone cheering for the underdog, heartening, really.

So, I was walking down the street, and hear this, ’cause this is unbelievable!! Like, seriously WOW!! Capital letters and all.

So, there I was walking down the street, and as I was halfway across, I noticed something odd. I tilted my head sideways, just enough to look back, and the realization that hit me was beyond staggering. I came to a halt. Taking in the impact. Maybe the harsh wind was messing with my head, or maybe it was one of those inexplicable moments, but the only thing that I can clearly remember feeling is – giddy. Exultantly, blissfully giddy. I can’t explain it, I just – can’t.

Anyway, as I gathered my wits, I looked back at the street, with a different perspective. Casually, I resumed walking. Acutely aware of everything around me, more so than usual, I closed in on the exit. A steel door, barred, leading to the cemetery.

I took one calculated step across the thin crack on the road, that marked the territory of the dead. Looked back, and stepped into the cemetery. I turned at the spot, gazing at what lay before. And I thought to myself,

Tomorrow is my English test, and I desperately need to write something, anything to get back in the hang of things. And if somebody is still reading this they either really really like me or they’re just a sucker for suspense.


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He lowered himself gently. The deep throne welcomed him. He allowed himself a sigh of satisfaction- something he had missed. His body shivered ever so slightly at the cold touch. A profound sense of regret engulfed him. Resonating. A clenching pang of pain in his chest – almost physical. For it had indeed been a long time- yes a long time indeed, since he had been here, among these people.

Ah, the people, his gaze swept over them. The effect: overwhelming. Such colorful people. Such colorful lives. He had missed these people. For they were dear, loved even. Like another family. He had always thought of himself as a pessimist. But the thoughts swirling around in his head were anything but.

He cleared his throat, wondering where to begin. It was the wondering that took the longest, as he was warned it would. Again, he cleared his throat, “-Uhm -uhm” in hopes that this will light a spark. The attentiveness this generated was even more unsettling. He fidgeted a bit before finally parting his lips,

“I would like to say that I’m back, for what it’s worth. I’ve missed this. More than I imagined possible. But I’m back. Though you may not consider me bound, I do. Consequently, the guilt I feel is profound, genuine even. I cannot put it into words, though I must try. This may sound childish, but it is true. I’m sorry.”

His words were heartfelt. A rare thing- that. It was what most appealed to them- the people. They accepted it. Quietly, gently, without a word.

And he was thankful for it.


Snowy And The Goldfish

Oi! Did you hear?

I did.

You did?

I did.

What do you make of it then?

Must be true.

You think?

I do.

But that can’t be right.



I think it can.

It can?

It can.

How come?

Its obvious.

It is?

It is.

You know Valerie?

I do.

You know her son?

I do.

The goldfish?

What goldfish?

The goldfish.


You heard me.

Oh, you mean that goldfish.

I do.

What of it?

Well, you know snowy?

I do.

He had his eyes on that goldfish.

He did?

He did.

Then what?

Well Valerie was out that day.

She was?

She was.

I still don’t get it.

Well, you know the son has toys.

He has?

He does.

You mean the duck?

Yup, the toy duck.

You don’t say.

I do.

Old snowy wasn’t that stupid.

He was.

He was?

He was.

Choked to death did he?

That’s what the vet says.

It is?

It is.

Poor dog, I feel sorry for him.

Me too.


A Wise Man’s Tale

Once there lived a wise man.

He was wise, no denying it because if the author said so, it must be true. That’s the rule, you take his word for it.

He was wise, wiser than any of you. Believe it! 

So, one night the wise man was sitting in a pub.

Now, why would a wise man do that. There must be a very deep, very thought provoking, very attention worthy, very mystic reason behind it. I mean, wise men don’t just sit in pubs.

Unless …

He was there to eat …

What?! He was, he actually was?!!

Not your average wise man, is he? But we’ll humor him for now …

He told a joke.

Seriously? Are you friggin’ kiddin’ me? I let the pub one pass, but this is just rubbish. He told a joke!. Was there no philosophies left in the world to ponder on. no brilliant plans for the greater good, no theories about Justin Bieber’s gender. No? Nothing?

OK, I’ll let this one slide too. Go ahead. Knock yourself out.

Everyone laughed.

Well, Duh!

What were they supposed to do? Roll over and die?

Come to think of it, I’m feeling like that right now, so that’s not such a long shot.

When they laughter died out, he told the joke again.

Keen to spread a few smiles around, huh? Well, good for you wise man. Good for you. When are you gonna hang yourself?

Soon? I thought so…

Few people laughed.

Were they laughing at the wise man, or were they just stupid?

The wise man told the joke for the third time. Much to the disapproval of the crowd. Not a single laugh was heard.

Were there swords involved? Daggers? Artillery? Anything?!!

Come on! my hands are getting itchy just thinking about it.

The wise man said,”When you can’t laugh at a joke again and again, why oh, why do you cry at the same sorrow over and over again?”

Well, what do you know. The wise man’s wisdom finally came through. now all that’s left is to show the guy some real pain. Let him contemplate some sorrow for himself. Let him show us how to deal with sorrow.

Folks, are you ready?

Knives, on my mark.

1 … 2 … 3 …




Another trifecta, this time around, the challenge is to write a snippet of exactly 33 words, with a justified exclamation point. Here’s my effort…


– Enough –


“J-Johnny dear … w-where’d you-“,she hiccuped.

He watched with disgust, his mother in a drunken stupor, fumbling.


Beyond death lies peace. 

Jo-Johnny wha-? JOHNNY!!

The river is cold this time of night. 



On a whim, I decided to take on a writing challenge. I just saw a couple of familiar faces on the trifecta home page. And decided this would be my next post. So, tell me what your views on this, frankly hasty, story I came up with. Though if you’re expecting something deep and thought provoking … don’t.

The rules are something like this…

On to the word.  This week we are using Tales From the Rhoen’s suggestion.  We want between 33 and 333 words from (and including) the third definition of the word:
1: generally used, applied, or accepted
2: vernacular <the vulgar name of a plant>
– Chagrin –

He saw her before she saw him. The sight wasn’t pretty. The weird girl everyone kept talking about, weird was definitely an understatement.

He had heard before that she was enrolled in his class. But she had never showed up during any of the lessons, so he had just disregarded the hype as an urban rumor.

Pulling himself together, he marched on. He slid the door open. But the moment he entered the class,”OH SHIT!

He saw everybody with their noses in their physics books, and he remembered, today was the grand test the physics teacher had been fussing over since Christmas. “I’m dead.” ,he thought with his mouth dry.

He sat in his usual chair, drinking in the scenery of the breath taking green forest that rose up along with the mountains. Stretched across the horizon, it was soothing as always.

The test began too quickly. He didn’t even have time to skim through the first page.  He sat there, with the pen in his mouth, gazing out the window. If he was gonna go down, he was going down with a smile. He absentmindedly passed a smile to the teacher who was looking at him suspiciously.

Then it arose, writhing inside of him. With a gurgling sound only he could hear. He knew what was coming before it did. He braced himself. Looked behind him, to his shock, he saw the same weird girl sitting, or rather dozing off behind him. He thanked his stars that she was asleep.

I know how to do this. Gritting his teeth and giving himself moral support, he opened it just the right amount, not too tight, not too wide. And then, with the force of a steam engine, the gas escaped his anus. It took concentration and will power to keep the hole open just the right amount so that there was no sound. He sighed with relief. It was over.  

“Vulgar, aren’t you.” came a bored voice from behind.

He froze.


Guest Thief

Sometimes, when you least expect it, you are left alone. Alone! not a soul in sight. Then, and only then, you can do those things, that are considered socially unacceptable.

Before I tell you all my story, I have one request. Don’t Judge.

I was visiting the house of a friend. This guy had badgered me constantly for the past week or so that I must pay his place a visit.

“Why?”, I asked.

“Its fun to have someone over.”

I didn’t see the harm in a quick visit. His place was nearby anyway. So, one day after college I arrived at his doorstep. Rung the bell. Waited. Door opened. And the customary visit-to-a-friend scenario followed. Just when I was starting to enjoy myself, he went out of the room to get a cup of something, coffee, if I remember correctly. So he went out and left me in the room with his pet turtle, a fish, a rooster and a partridge (Yeah, I know, a number of pets!).

I waited. And waited. Followed by a lot of waiting. Some more waiting was by then, expected. I tried everything I could think of, from admiring paintings to counting sheep. He just did not show up! I sat there for the better part of an hour.

It took all my effort, awkward as it was, to raise my voice to the level that it could be heard in all of the building. Apparently, nobody was in earshot.


All those horror movies came rushing into my mind. The ones they recommend you to watch at night, and when you do! Well, its not pretty. Hence the word horror.

The possibilities!” I thought.

I decided, that by now it wouldn’t be counted as bad manners to snoop around his house. It was like any other suburban household, nothing in particular piqued my interest along the hallways. Like the close family friend that I was, I found a lavish meal for myself, and by lavish I mean half a dozen sandwiches, that lay in the fridge, as if, made for me. Who rejects a mouthwatering pile of sandwiches in times of starvation. I was starved, by the way. This act of stealing, in my opinion was completely justified, it was necessary for my survival in the strangeness that is, a friend’s place. Afterwards, my eyes rested on a coffeemaker. Go figure.

With the kitchen exploration wrapped up and with appetite sated and mouth still hot with coffee. Taking mind notes to make more awkward visits to friends.

” This is like an adventure!”  I thought to myself.

I felt like Indiana Jones, unraveling the mysteries of a rundown mansion. I moved on to the other rooms. Feeling like a thief about to get caught, I tiptoed across the living room groping for the ON switch. I found it with little effort. I turned on the heater (Its December you know!), warmed my hands in front of the fire. Jerky movement with my head whenever I felt  the slightest inclination of someone approaching.

After the warm up, I ventured into the bedroom. Here, unluckily, it took forever to find the ON switch. I jumped onto the king size bed. Laying there, I heard a sound of metal scraping metal, kinda like a sword being sheathed. Like a ninja’s blade.

I Bolted.

Didn’t look back, not a muscle in my neck dared move sideways. Why did I run? Impulse, I guess. Because now, I can’t think of a reason to have ran away. Would they have skinned me if they had found me taking a look at their private rooms? Unlikely.

The next day, at college, with a racing heart I greeted that friend. He was…well, like he always is! normal. No accusatory eyes, no anger, no animosity whatsoever. I was relieved. Seemingly nobody had noticed nor minded the empty plate of sandwiches, or the blazing heater in the living room, or the blanket of the bed crumpled.

How? Its beyond me.

He apologized for leaving me be. Apparently someone in his family had fallen seriously ill, and in all the commotion, lil’ ol’ me was completely forgotten.

Thanking God for this turn of fate in my favor, I spent the rest of the day thinking of all the ways this little escapade of mine could have gone wrong. The consequences wouldn’t have been very severe but still, I got away. Besides the fact that the house owner himself let me in, I feel like I make an amazing thief!