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Trifextra Week 70: Worlds Collide

Trifextra Week 70:

I saw the prompt and went, Yay! I have just the thing for this (sort of). This is a part of a much bigger poem, one that’s not quite finished as of yet (the lazy in me sends his love).

Anyway, here goes …




Worlds Collide


His life a normalcy, hers vibrancy,

Worlds collide

His eyes a distant-blue, hers crimson hue

Looks imply

His nervous smile, her vocal sigh,

Volumes said

His questioning eyes, her urgent smile,

Breaths entwine


P.S. It may not look it but it is impossibly difficult to fill in the format of His__, Her__, two-word-punch-line.




Trifecta challenge.


You had me then
You have me now
The last embrace
Your solemn vow

You move away
Into the fray
Let go, you say
I have a choice?

We meet again
I am alive
I tell my life
I have survived


As it happens, the word “poem” has been ringing in my head for the last 12 hours. After having watched this, you’ll know what I’m talking about.