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… Damn!

So maybe the camp’s not all it could be. But at least its there, right? That’s a definite plus. Kids here are sweet. They play, eat and sleep like babies – gorilla babies. Jerry in particular is just adorable, he positively adores the cats, the other day I found the little tyke’s food sprawled all over the cat’s bowl – along with some bile. Some would say that’s just little Jerry being a jackass, I say I hated the cat anyway. How very thoughtful of him.

The word around the camp is that there will be someone from the government paying us a surprise visit. I don’t know what to think. Maybe he’ll be blind, and deaf too just for the heck of it. God, I hope he’s a he, a she is just too much to handle. But then again maybe he should be a she. A she with a shotgun. Maybe I’ll get lucky and she’ll shoot me. I wonder what a shotgun wound looks like. I imagine its something like the head of a watering can. Scratch that, too disgusting even for my taste.

So, the government guy came and went. Stupid fart, he was. but then again I should have guessed; they all are. Couldn’t tell Jerry apart from Jeremy or Julia for that matter. You’d think the braids would give him some idea. But apparently, a little too subtle.

He couldn’t find anything wrong. Maybe it was the weather; or the smiles on the cute round faces that made his mood lift. I go with the weather. But all’s well that ends well. And this didn’t end well. My win.

Oh yeah, before I forget. People probably aren’t as stupid as I make them out to be, I tend to exaggerate. But if you believed even one word of this post … I mean, come on, the three J’s should have given you an idea. I’m not saying that you did believe it, but if you did … Well, then … Damn!



Where? Here

Oh my God!!! Thank goodness I found you. Where were you?!! I’ve been looking all over for you, you know. Are you hurt somewhere? Were you lost? No? Then, where have you been!! I hate this thing about you, running off without a word. You really need to take others into consideration, you know. I am so freakin’ mad at you right now, you have got no idea! Enough is enough, I’ve called all your friends, your classmates, even your homeroom teacher, but did I find you? No. You come strolling back home like nothings happened. Well, something has happened, I am mad. Really, really mad. So, I want an explanation and I want it now. You can’t wiggle your way out of this one. I’ve had it with you and your annoying attitude. I will have no more. No more!! you hear me? So, whatever you have to say better be good, or else. Come on, speak up. Let us all hear what brilliant excuse you come up with …

I…uh…bathroom ?