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Spring Spring Go Away


There has always been one mystery that has baffled me. When people talk about seasons, they talk about four.

Summer, autumn, winter, spring.

Everyone knows this, it’s kindergarten stuff. But often, I find myself wondering, why four? why not three? Because spring just doesn’t seem to be there. There is winter. You feel it going. Its going, going, going, Gone. And you wake up one day covered in sweat. And you think to yourself, was I in coma, how did I skip spring and jumped from winter to summer.

Where did spring go?

This year, I planned it all out. I actually noted the day winter turned to spring.

March 6

I didn’t wake up with a blanket on top of me. Clear sign that winter was gone. But it rained the next day and winter was back. Another 3 days of blissful cold. Officially, winter was done and gone on the unfortunate day of March 9.

March 10

I tried to actually feel the spring. Stupid as it may seem, I tried it. And believe it or not, I felt it. Maybe it was something in the breeze or just the smell but I actually felt it. All the signs were there, once I started looking.The grass was greener than ever and the wind more friendly than it had been for weeks.

March 11 – 19

Spring was there, I could sense it. These were the glory days of the season. It only showed in the flowers and the greenery. The breeze was great, not too hot, not too cold, just right. But the there was still a hint of sweat whenever there was outdoor work involved. Something I had not experienced for quite some time, and did not miss at all.

March 20

I tried to feel it, I really did. Nothing. It was finished. Done. Not a single damn sign that spring was still around, except perhaps the flowers, but what good does that do to anybody when you know that the heat is settling down like a fat kid for a particularly long meal.

So, concluding, its safe to say that spring is a season that lasts 10 days, give or take. Poets and writers find inspiration in this season. Though, I can’t imagine how. One way would be to get it on recording and watch it over and over again to find something meaningful and heartfelt. It’s bound to be more successful than having half a month to work with the entire year. But that’s just me.

Author: Hamza

A college student of 18. With sarcasm as my voice and a proud disregard for rules, I'm looking to shake up the world a little - without sounding incredibly cheesy.

13 thoughts on “Spring Spring Go Away

  1. Here in the UK, we jump straight from spring to autumn, via torrential rain.

  2. Hang on, did you do this spring observation last year because the dates were “May”?

    Anyway, I haven’t experienced winter yet nor spring, in fact, we only have two seasons here in the Philippines, summer and the rainy season. I envy those without summer too. Unfortunately, we have mostly “summer-like weather” all-year-round and I swear, I hate it

    • I’m getting old, I am. I meant to write march, not may. I’m left speechless at my own stupidity. Thanks for that.
      Summer-like weather is a definite improvement to summer. Trust me, you do not want summer on your hands.

      • You’re welcome!:)

        Well, I’m not sure what “Summer” is like in your place, but I am from a tropical country thus we have that “summer-like weather most days in a year. So far the hottest I have experienced living here was 40 degrees Celsius and that was a few years go. Well, It’s summer here now (March-May) and it’s really hot these days, we get 30-35 usually…I really hate it.

  3. I love spring. Flowers sprout, trees turn from dead to living green, and we don;t have to turn on the heater anymore, which means lower electricity bills.

    Cheers, Hamza !

  4. Here in the UK, the four seasons are evident – loud and clear. There was a period where I lived more in Urban city environment – surrounded by concrete buildings and glass – I missed Spring. I find in Urban areas where there is less green environment seasons such as Springs can be missed.

  5. Ha ha – this is great 🙂 I never considered it should be just three seasons, but I wholly agree with you re Spring. 10 days sounds about right – that breeze not too hot, not too cold I love too. Sigh. Well, I think we’re inspired because the whole country is alive with new life – birds tweeting etc. You really DO feel “spring in the air”, as the song goes.

    Winter? Waaaaay too long.

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