Diary Without Pages

Trivia I find Ignored



Another trifecta, this time around, the challenge is to write a snippet of exactly 33 words, with a justified exclamation point. Here’s my effort…


– Enough –


“J-Johnny dear … w-where’d you-“,she hiccuped.

He watched with disgust, his mother in a drunken stupor, fumbling.


Beyond death lies peace. 

Jo-Johnny wha-? JOHNNY!!

The river is cold this time of night. 

Author: Hamza

A college student of 18. With sarcasm as my voice and a proud disregard for rules, I'm looking to shake up the world a little - without sounding incredibly cheesy.

22 thoughts on “Enough

  1. excellent effort… 🙂

  2. Though provoking and original! 🙂

  3. Wow, vivid imagery boating a big exclamation!

  4. Oh, that’s … chilling. {ahem – you see what I did there}

  5. Thanks for linking up this weekend. I absolutely loved this response. Chilling. I love the palpable disappointment here. Hope to see you back again soon.

  6. definitely made me go back for a re-read. good work.

  7. Ha – that was great 🙂 You’re very clever to do exactly 33 words. Were you allowed to have more than one ! though? Just curious!

    • If you mean more than one shot at the challenge, then yes! I quote

      You may enter each challenge more than once, but no more than three times per prompt.

      • Oh, I meant are you allowed to have more than one exclamation mark. I was just curious because you had a couple. I didn’t know there were rules! This is a serious gig! Just terrific, tight writing though.

  8. Wow! Pretty chilling!

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