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This is a very serious dilemma I find myself faced with. Since, as long as I can remember, tea has always been the drink for me. It was what I expected with my breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between.

– Tea

I dunno if its just me or not, but I always found myself in dire need of tea whenever  I had some decision making to do. I would stare at the way the center of the cup foamed up and made something like a whirlpool as I moved the spoon, and it looked like it was going to overflow any moment, but it never did, and I would close my eyes and feel myself in a sort of a yin yang state. Like meditation. But not quite.

– Coffee

Coffee on the other hand, was something completely out of the question. The image I had in mind before actually drinking the stuff, was not pretty. In my mind, it was portrayed as a dark black and bitter medicine office workers drank to keep themselves awake. First time someone told me they drank coffee as something desirable, I stopped trusting their judgement. Recently though, it has become like the forbidden apple to me. I know it doesn’t taste all that great (misconception), but I don’t really care. I need it. Though coffee maybe old to most, but to me, it’s like the new cloth fashion. Which I know makes me look stupid, but the sheer pleasure of trying something new is enough a reason to do it anyway.

Coffee has no types, at least not to me, black, cappuccino, double cream, decaf?!! What is that! If it has cream and it has milk and it has sugar, it’s coffee. If it has water and it has milk and it has sugar, it’s tea. All the talk about types, jasmine tea, white tea, green tea leaves me dazed. Tea is tea, and that’s that. No arguing about it.

Tea has not been demoted (like that can ever happen), it has just found a new competitor in business. If I drank 5 cups of tea before coffee came into business, I now drink 5 cups of tea and 2 cups of coffee. These are my obsessions, you see.

You know those whats-your-favorite questions? Yeah, those mean a great deal to me. I usually have answers learnt by heart. And almost always the first to ask. Today, someone asked me what was my favorite drink. Truth be told, I was at a complete loss for words. What do I say to him, Tea? That would be lying to myself. Coffee? That bitter sweet drink without which I cannot read a book anymore? I don’t know, won’t that be considered betraying tea? And then again, I’m not quite sure I like that thing to begin with.

Now, help me here, would you chose tea, or is it coffee? By the way, anything carbonated is not even in the question. Those things are in a league of their own.

Author: Hamza

A college student of 18. With sarcasm as my voice and a proud disregard for rules, I'm looking to shake up the world a little - without sounding incredibly cheesy.

37 thoughts on “Drinking Problems

  1. hehe kashmiri tea is the one i fell in love with 🙂

  2. I don’t drink either. 😉 Caffeine is not something I try to consume, excepting chocolate.

    That said, each has their strong points, and occasionally I’ll sip on tea. In my younger days, if I did drink coffee, it was black, without sugar. If the chilled variety, then one or both additives made their way into it. And that’s the way to an acquired taste for coffee, drinking it iced on a hot day.

    • Black coffee huh? That makes one of us. Coffee is supposed to be hot and fuming…I think. Having coffee iced is like, drinking icecream, you see, not very appealing.

  3. 5 cups tea! 2 cups coffee!! Daily!!??

    Man! you wanna die of some kidney or liver disease or something..!!!

    btw… my vote wit coffee 🙂

  4. You had me at ‘drinking problem’!
    My sister drinks tea like you. I really don’t know how she can have so much – white teas, herbal, endlessly. She punctuates the day with a cup of tea about 10 times a day. Extraordinary.
    Love my coffee though – one in the morning, & SOMEtimes one in the afternoon. I just love it, sorry! But I’ve got to say, I do love peppermint tea.

    • I have nothing but respect for your sister. 10 cups?!! I can have ten in my dreams. I’m torn, by the way, are you voting for coffee, or are you voting for tea?

      • Pardon me but my sister are chalk & cheese, hence it is only natural I reveal: I am voting for coffee. But truly, if I were to have more than 2 in a day I would suffer anxiety, sweating, something askew in energy. I never have more than 2. But yet you guys can have 10 teas!!!

  5. I do like a nice decaf latte but for me it would have to be tea. I can’t imagine life without it, quite frankly.

  6. I do not take tea. Coffee occasionally in winters. Although the amount of the coffee intake is next to nothing. I would still vote for coffee

  7. Coincidence I must say. I know women who will not function unless some tea is poured in there systems..

  8. i neither like tea nor coffee. i don’t know why people are so fond of these drinks. but in exams tea makes me awake,it helps sometimes.but most of the times ami’s “chuskiyan” while having tea irritates me and makes me more offensive regarding this “90% water” drink 😉

    • hahahahaha I can sooo relate to that you have got absolutely no idea!! Just the other day, I was seriously considering recording my father drinking tea – and later on make him listen to the sounds he made. That “chsssssssssspp” makes me want to pull off my own hair.

  9. I hope you’re drinking decaff in the afternoons 🙂

  10. It’s only just recently that i enjoyed drinking tea. 🙂

  11. Never got into the coffee thing. But I drink tea like a fiend!

  12. I”m a tea girl all the way. I like it hot or iced. I love holding the warm cup in my hand dunking a tea bag (I’m too lazy to brew it the proper way with loose leaf tea.)

    I do like the smell of coffee, but on the few occasions I’ve tried to drink it, I had to add so much milk and sugar it barely resembled coffee.

    • Tea bags are not my thing. Tried it once and the endeavor resulted in a prolonged visit to the men’s room. Though I highly suspect the cup was the cause rather than the tea bag, but the phobia of tea bags has been planted since.
      Smell of coffee is second only to the smell of wet earth. It is, without a doubt, the best thing coffee offers.

  13. hahaha….Dear Hamza, somehow I absolutely find myself facing the same confusion as you. I too have seen that coffee is suddenly the new rage (specially in Delhi). Tea is tea (lol) I absolutely agree to that as well. Well my favorite remains tea (I think I am sure abt that :P). Coffee I have seen leaves me with an unusual feel after I have had a cup!

    Nice post anyway!

  14. Why do you consider it a problem? Both beverages contain caffeine and taste good to me. If you’re getting the shakes I’d cut back on one of them if it’s bothering you.

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