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Today was my first presentation – ever! And in all the places that it could have gone wrong – it didn’t. How thankful I am for that, few can understand.

True I nearly lost consciousness at the first question my arch-nemesis threw at me beautifully side tracking, as is his specialty. If there is anything he’s good at, it’s making me look stupid (he got his payback – with interest). Lucky for me though, somebody coughed, and the cough sounded a lot like the answer, which, I suspect, was not an accident. The rest went smoothly. Nobody asked anymore questions, maybe they were afraid I’d beat ’em to a pulp if they did, even I wouldn’t put it past myself. Or maybe they were all too nervous, this being there first time too. I go with the latter, for conscience sake.

Now I could sit here and pat myself on the back on a triumph well earned, and the fierce pleasure I got upon seeing my rival ashen faced at his frankly pathetic presentation, if I may be so crude, but that wouldn’t be characteristic of the lovable young boy that I am, now would it?! I didn’t think so either…

So, enough about how incredibly cool you people think I am (epitome of narcissism). I have my work cut out for me (movies, 15 in 2 days! this is no laughing matter). So I’ve got to get to work right now, time’s a wastin’.

Author: Hamza

A college student of 18. With sarcasm as my voice and a proud disregard for rules, I'm looking to shake up the world a little - without sounding incredibly cheesy.

11 thoughts on “On Stage

  1. first of all tell the names of movies as i have to kill the time after finals 😉 on stage you actually come to know that who is the real friend of yours from audience 😉 right?

    • 15 names? nah! too much of a pain in the ass to write ’em all. Watch Prison Break (TV series) if you haven’t already, it’d definitely be my first choice.

  2. okay… 🙂 not all 15,but you must tell 2,3 names at least…. 😦

  3. Congratulations on having done an A1 presentation. This also reminds me of my schooldays when after the presentation, I would ask the audience if they have questions, big-eyed and teeth-clenched. Classmates would cower in fear and just sit in silence.

  4. My smile got bigger and bigger as I read this,reminds me of my 1st presentation.Despite having given a number of them over the years,I can still never get used to it. My legs turn to jelly,and even my voice fails to stand by me. I made a complete embarrassment of myself on the last one. Makes me feel sick just recounting the whole incident.

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