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In our everyday life, there are small things, almost non-existent, so trivial, in fact, that the mind refuses to store this information in the back of the head. This is no philosophy, rest assured, I’m not nearly as boring as that.

Imagine going into a grocery store, meeting an acquaintance by chance. What’s the first thought that comes to mind? I bet you ask the person how the day’s been, how the kids are doing, how’s work and the norm. In short, small talk.

There’s nothing wrong about it right, just a healthy way to kill time. Or is it?Β –Β Do you really want to know how his life is as boring as it gets. Or how he is living the happily-ever-after that you dreamed up? When you don’t give a rat’s ass about how he got a gold medal in bowling last Sunday, why, oh why do you ask him how the tournament went?!

If you ask me, this thing makes our lives more of a pain than it has to be. Its the weirdest form of a self-imposed obligation. In which, nobody, absolutely nobody, in all totality and absolution, nobody (I cannot stress this enough!) gets the slightest bit of benefit; no matter how you look at it. Its forced smiles here and forced smiles there.

I’ve been to a store many times. Never actually bought stuff (I’m the escort), but that’s besides the point. I’ve been in plenty of conversations, no surprises there, but never the normal routine chat. I hate that sort of conversations, just not my type. But this sounds a lot more like me on a harmless tour of the mall.

Believe it or not (don’t), I’m a part of a gang called PSF that beats people up because they are ugly looking. You’ll find chains and whips in my room (for violent purposes only!) and a couple of glocks here and there. You know, regular stuff.

And that, people, is how my first conversation with a complete stranger went. The guy was petrified (understatement). PSF is a well known group of students that are often associated with mishaps (Solely rumors, in my opinion)Β Apparently I fit the description of a gangster pretty well, because this guy did not come back to pick up the bag of chips he dropped by my feet – no matter how loud I shouted that I was just kidding.

Author: Hamza

A college student of 18. With sarcasm as my voice and a proud disregard for rules, I'm looking to shake up the world a little - without sounding incredibly cheesy.

16 thoughts on “The Right Way

  1. Be careful… particularly in a society where a lot of change takes place, with much contention between oppositional forces, such humour can prove dangerous.

  2. at the word “gang” i stopped and logged out at once…. πŸ™‚ but then…. aahh RELEASED πŸ™‚ …. i always avoid to go stores where there is any chance to meet any acquaintance…. i don’t like to tell anything about myself to whom, who is not interested actually…. πŸ™‚

    • Now, where’s the fun in that, huh? You’re a girl and other factors have to be accounted for, I understand. But still, this may not be the best advice you’ll hear, but take risks. Let the crazy side of you take over for once πŸ˜›

  3. LOL I can imagine the poor kid. Perhaps I can recruit you to join my gang (READ: MAFIA) hahaha…. kidding. But that is what my co-workers call me, the Mafia Boss. πŸ˜€

    Anyway, about small talks… I am not really a fan of small talks too. When I’m not interested, I just stay quiet or stay out of the horizon. But somehow, being asked about how you’re doing is better than the “when are you getting married?” or “did you just gain weight?” questions. Seriously, these two are not the best substitute for the ‘how are you doing?” question.

  4. Cheeky – walking around freaking people out. It is tempting, I suppose.

    I know what you mean about idle conversations. I wrote about similar in one of my posts, how my sister when I was a teen, got upset with me because her friend said “Hi Noeleen, how are you?” when she came into our place & I said, “Hi Liz.” I hadn’t asked how she was, and I hadn’t answered her question. My sister & me had quite a difference about this. She called me just plain rude.

    Oh well, at least I didn’t inflict on myself the “Good, how are you?”
    “Good, how are you?”
    “Good, how are you?”
    “Good, how are you?”

    • Your sister’s right, you are rude, but if that’s the price to pay to not be involved in the “Great, how’s tommy?”s and the “Nice, where did you buy that?”s and the like, then it is totally worth it.

      • Love your gravatar, Hamza πŸ™‚

        Yes, all right. I was rude. I just didn’t want to be insincere – which to me would have been RUDEer (but not as detectable).

        • Thanks! appreciate that πŸ™‚
          Now that I think about it, if the rudeness was somehow detectable this would be a how a conversation goes….
          Hey Katie, how are you this fine morning? πŸ˜€
          Katie: (How RUDE of him, ugh! this world is full of shallow people.) I’m fine, thank you! *Fake Smile*

  5. It would be even funnier if a woman meets another at a supermarket aisle and and innocently exclaims , ” When is the baby due? ” and the woman is not even pregnant.

    • I can only imagine the woman trying to make her belly less conspicuous by slightly bending over, muttering curses under her breath, hurrying out of the aisle as fast as her legs would take her. I would like to add a head first collision with a pillar – but that would be just sad.

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