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They tell me I’m versatile. Their judgement must be hazy. Really, ME? versatile? I had to google the word before knowing what it actually meant (To be fair, I had a general idea), how’s that for versatile?

Besides that, I haven’t been this happy in ages! My mother suspects some secret so dark I can tell no one, hence the word ‘secret’. You see nobody I personally know has read my content. They know about the blog’s existence but they have never read it, I made sure of that! In fact, I’m so paranoid I have practically not one follower of my country, everyone here is filipino, and I like that! Despite the fact that the name of the blog is dangerously obvious (my name), nobody has guessed it yet! This my friends is what you call hiding in plain sight!

Regarding this award, here’s a small example of how I behaved the last week or so.

With Mom.

“Wipe that grin off your face, what in the world are you thinking to be smiling the whole day with such stupidity.”

“I didn’t have a day as good as this in months mom!”, I thought.

“Remembered a damn funny joke.”, I said.

The look on her face made it clear she did not, in fact believe me. Can’t say I blame her. Who laughs on a joke all day? Retards.

Apparently, my unnaturally good mood did not go unnoticed by others either. A friend of mine goes like this.

“Mate, you heard? That new movie just came out. of Brad Pitt.”


“It was out of this world. It was so EPIC!”


“Are you gonna watch it.”


“WTH! maybe? Are you kiddin’ me? O wait you thinkin’ about somethin’ else ain’t ya?!”


“Dude!! don’t tell me you are thinking about that girl. She is ugly man. Ugly!”


He continued. I kept my replies coming, not more than one word at a time though.

So this is how seriously happy I was when I got this award.

A beauty isn’t it? And it comes in one of my favorite colors too. Green. I could go on about how pretty a sight it is but enough said.

So on to the serious stuff, first of all my absolutely Huge thanks to Addie and Laura (hope I got the name right!). Addie is a special person for me in the blogosphere (I hate this word). She is my favorite blogger after Belle. Because I get a homely feeling every time I visit her site.

I have to share 7 facts about myself. If I wanted to, I could say,

1.I am male 2.I am not female 3.I am proud 4.I am not ashamed 5.I am tall 6.I am not short 7.My name is Hamza.

These are facts. Are they not? Nobody could say I broke the rules.

But where’s the fun in these? So here are the more “random” ones.

1. I dance when alone, all kinds of dances, from break dance to moon walk, and after every two minutes or so I roll on the floor, laughing, imagining how damn stupid I must have looked while dancing.

2. I have exactly one pant and exactly one shirt to wear to any formal function. Rest of the clothes are not pants or shirts (actually there are two more shirts but they are only wearable whilst asleep), they are local exclusives. Shalwar Kameez.

3. I have always been a runner up (academics), never the first, No matter how small the gap is I will always be second…maybe even third, but first? Not a chance. Its like a witch’s spell.

4. I am a PC gamer, not exactly hardcore but obsessed with my PC nevertheless.

5. My palm size is absolutely Huge.

6. I have never shaved.

7. I think that in 10-15 years, if the hair color is ignored, nobody will be able to tell the difference between me and my father. We will look exactly the same. Twins even, except one would be wrinkled and bent.

Coming up is a supposed award ceremony I have to host. But, I am new, I hardly know any one in the blogosphere (again, I hate this word), and the ones I do know have already been awarded. So this list that had to be 15 will be just of a few right now, maybe I’ll add more names someday. But that someday is definitely not today.

1. thehilariousgirlthatisme Definitely my first pick! This girl, I enjoy reading, truly, I do! She should seriously consider writing more!

2. BUFFET OF WHAT-HAVE-YOUs This one makes a nice read, more on the relaxing side to be fair. One of the very first blogs I visit everyday. Alas! she doesn’t write everyday.

3-15 have yet to come.

Not that there aren’t any other blogs I like its just that I would feel like a fool awarding people I know have already won.

Author: Hamza

A college student of 18. With sarcasm as my voice and a proud disregard for rules, I'm looking to shake up the world a little - without sounding incredibly cheesy.

12 thoughts on “Awarded

  1. Despite the gloomy weather here and the sad vibes.. This has lighten up my mood.. Thank you very much! =)

  2. Blogosphere! Blogosphere! Blogosphere! Blogosphere! Blogosphere! Blogosphere! and oh Blogosphere [read: why hate?]

  3. I am honored to your first pick! I’m seriously about to crap my pants 😀

    • I’m honored that you are honored and I’d like you to keep the honor cycle going 😀
      And please don’t shit yourself, pretty please. I just couldn’t handle the odour.

  4. I like the 7 facts about you. 🙂 Now you remind me that I need to do this blog thingie awards too. 🙂

  5. Congrats to you! It is exciting to know that someone out there in the world is reading the words you sat at your keyboard and typed. Bask in the glory and enjoy it!

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