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Fantasizing Personification

Everyone has that someone they want to become, the personality they wish they had. Very few are satisfied with who they are, and they are the ones who are truly lucky. There’s nothing wrong with having a dream, I suppose, but that is just that; a dream, that hardly ever comes true. But hoping it will, is part of the package.

Some people want to have extra ordinary abilities, as in super powers, I have to admit that idea has crossed my mind several times, but, being realistic I don’t dream to be a superhero, I’d much rather prefer to be someone I actually have a shot at becoming.

I picture myself with a more muscular body, this skinny one just doesn’t work for me. More witty. Heightened IQ. Photographic memory (Its imagination remember?). And the list goes on.

While I wish for some things to change, I wish for others to remain as they are, like my voice and my hair.

Daydreams, for me are a necessity, every day, one way or the other I end up in a situation in which I have to shut up and listen, in such circumstances, with nothing better to do, my imagination starts to run wild.

For example, I was listening to a teacher of mine bore me with a rant on chemistry, and I started thinking what if she were to have a seizure; and collapse.

What was likely to happen? 

How would the students react?

One by one I imagined every single one of them respond to the imaginary situation, in my mind some would shrug it off, others would be genuinely worried and call for help,some would freak out, some would start crying (there was only one such guy, “Sissy!”), some would get hysterical, some would be falling over each other to give a mouth-to-mouth even if they did not know how to, just out of sheer perversion. “Dirty minds!” I thought.

As I got more and more involved in my little game, it dawned on me that through this imaginary scenario I had shown to myself what I thought about the personalities of my fellows.

Again one by one I started giving them names, based on what I had imagined. Before the class was over I had named most of them. Some names were just silly, while others fit perfectly. Now its a personal joke between me and a close friend.

Have you ever had some wild imagination episodes?



Shadow Mirrors

I notice  things, that’s my thing. One of those things is the shadow, the same shadow that follows you around everywhere! I can’t say for folks in general but for me whenever I walk, jog, trot or whichever version of footwork you can think of, and the sun is on my back, I often stop and stare at my shadow.


Because it’s so very handsome like me?

No! I stare at it because I want to see how my hair, ah my beautiful hair looks like in my shadow, and if it is not to my satisfaction, well then, with both my hands I shape my hair so that my shadow looks better, more manly if you please, Yes! I’m obsessed with my hair, I know it’s vain but what can I do its who I am. Even if it means that it actually makes me look disheveled, I still do it.


Because it gives me a sense of self-confidence; that just isn’t explainable! And besides, who cares what others think, its what you think of yourself that matters. right? Because that’s what I have heard.

Since we are on the topic of shadows, I am reminded of an incident, In buildings nowadays you often see those tinted windows that are like mirrors on one side, and you can see outside from the inner side. The other day I saw a man standing in front of one those windows combing his hair with his hands, his mouth half open, moving his head from one side to the other to make himself look perfect from every angle, just as he was about to start nose-picking I thought he had had enough embarrassment for the day, even if he didn’t know it,  grinning, I told him that he could be seen from the inside. And the whole family is probably on the other side of the window enjoying the show. The expression on his face was one for the books! I could just make out a distant giggle from the house and I suppose he did too. Before the last word left my lips the guy bolted!

I am still in search of that guy, I mean how naive can you get! Seriously!

Share with me any shadowy incident you can recall.


Teachers…Where is the Respect?

I remember that in 4th grade…or was it 5th? I don’t really remember it that clearly. Anyway around that period I remember that I was home, doing my homework, listening to my sister and mother gossip about stuff I didn’t understand at that time. I finished what I was writing and started packing my stuff, my mother, apparently not too confident in her son’s abilities told me to hand the assignment over so she could check for mistakes. After like 2 or 3 minutes she told that I had made a mistake, I took a look and the word she told me was spelled wrong was actually spelled wrong but with a smug grin on my face I brought out an assignment checked by my teacher earlier with the same word spelled the wrong way.

My mother, intrigued took a look at the page and said flatly,”Your teacher made a mistake.”

It was as if she had told me night was day. Disbelieving I told her,”That’s impossible! Teachers don’t make mistakes.”

My sister, mocking me, said,”Why? Are they not human?”

“They are teachers!! You know….the people who teach? They are not supposed to make mistakes.”

Both my sister and mother went hysterical after that little showdown. I did not believe them until after my teacher had confirmed she was wrong.

This continued on for two or three years I believed that incident was an exception and I believed in their knowledge unconditionally. After that…I guess…I just grew up!

Now, when I remember those times and compare it to the present, the difference I see is respect!

Back then I wouldn’t have dared call my teacher by her first name, even among friends. But now every other guy in college I talk, to talks about their teacher like they are the just filled with crap.

Some of you might disagree, but another difference I see is in the results. I recall that when I was in 3rd grade my percentage never fell below 85. But now the average result hardly crosses 75.

Believe what you will, but these are the facts.

Do You Remember Any Such Incidents in Your Life?

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Let us begin…

I am sure nearly all of you, reading this have read a post that goes like “Hi! my name is John and I just started blogging. This is a new experience for me  and….”. So this is one of those not so fun posts that everyone skips over and moves on. So, anyway this is my first post on my first blog. To make this more readable I’ll make it short and sweet.

I’m Hamza, live in Rawalpindi, Pakistan and am currently studying at college level. Nothing much to tell about myself except that I have a passion for novels (fiction, its always fiction). When I read; nothing else in the world matters. Although I haven’t read that many books but I still take pride in my love for novels.

A friend of mine gave me a link to his cousin’s blog for some blog award poll to vote. I read the blog, skimmed over a few posts and gave the guy 5 stars (not that he was worthy of it but you know the way things go with friends…). After voting I thought to myself,”Hey! I can write so much better than that guy. So why not start a blog?” And with nothing better to do I am here; writing, and let me tell this is way better than I expected it to be!

I hope for feedback. I know its naive but still, there’s nothing wrong with a little optimism, right? Just one click will make my day. To everyone reading this, give me that little push everyone thinks is so important!

So we begin……